Let's Play a Game

It’s called… what did Jennifer find in her car when she cleaned it out during lunch…

  1. 10 Chloe socks.  Notice I didn’t say 10 pair, just 10 socks.  She takes one shoe and one sock off every night on the drive home.  Leaves the other one alone.
  2. 3 pair of Chloe’s shoes.
  3. 2 books
  4. 1 truck
  5. 1 sippy cup (Yes, just 1)
  6. 1 elmo
  7. 1 pair of elmo slippers
  8. 4 hair bows
  9. 2 old cellphones
  10. Goggles.  The mad scientist kind, not the swimming ones.
  11. 1 passy

It's a Dog eat Dog World

A few Saturdays ago, Chloe and I were playing in the living room and there was a knock at the door.  A cute little neighborhood girl had a “Lost Dog” poster she was passing around.  She asked me if I had seen this dog. Me, being sympathetic, wrote down the phone number and told her I hadn’t seen the dog but would be on the look out for it.  As she was leaving I told her I hoped she found her dog.  Her response was one I was not exptecting…

Girl: “Oh, that’s not my dog.  That dog ate my dog and I’m helping someone try to find it.”

Me: “Well, that’s disturbing.” Seriously, what do you say to something like this?

Surviving Stomach Death Flu

Thankfully I survived the Stomach Death Flu of 2010. I’m much, much better now thanks to finally getting some good rest. I didn’t want to get the kids sick, so I locked myself in my bedroom with Gatorade.

Mitchell and Gage had a “boys night” of root beer, pizza and staying up past Gage’s bedtime. Gage has shown interest in the planets and astrology, so Mitchell found Gage some Solar System posters for his bedroom at the dollar store. I do wonder if Mitchell and I are the only parents who get extra excited over finding toys the kids can learn from, not just tear up and throw in a toy box. But, that’s another post. So they came home and Gage learned about the different planets. Gotta love geeky dads and their ideas for a boy’s night!

Mom took Chloe Friday for me and kept her until Gage and I went to get her last night. My favorite Gage quote of the night: “That (patience) sure takes a lot of work, GG.” (when I told him he had to be patient and wait to get his paints out.

So now that I have energy, I guess we are going to spend family day cleaning house since mommy was out of pocket most of the week.

Stomach Death Flu 2010

Mommies are pretty bad ass.  Not only do we work and raise children, we also keep the house, do the laundry, cook meals, take care of daddies…. does the list stop?  Time is a luxury we don’t have. Being sick is definitely something we don’t have time for.

Too bad too sad for this mommy.  Stomach death flu 2010 has hit and knocked me right on my bottom.  I’m going to use the term “stomach death flu” I will let you use your imagination as far as what symptoms go with “Stomach death flu”.  It ain’t pretty folks.

Monday night stomach death flu hit and stayed with me until the early hours of the morning.  I had Zofran (godsend drug btw) left from my morning sickness days and took it along with imodium and pepto and booked it on into work.  Mommy’s don’t get sick days for themselves you know.  Those are saved for the little ones.  Besides being pretty delirious, I made it through the day Tuesday.  Got home, Tuesday night… DUN DUN DUN stomach death flu came back! Worked Wednesday, Wednesday night, same story. Finally yesterday stomach death flu came in for the final punches giving me all he had.  Water was even kicking my ass.  I had to give up and head home.  I got in bed around 3pm and did not wake up until this am.

Mommies also don’t go to doctors.  We just don’t have the time. When a mommy does go to the doctor, you know it’s pretty bad.  Pretty bad happened this morning.  Have you seen Ghost Busters?   Remembers Simer? Oh yeah!  After turning into slimer this morning I decided it was time for mommy to take a sick day for herself and go to the doctor.

They cannot tell if I have a viral or bacterial infection of my stomach because I’m so dehydrated.  We are waiting until Monday to see if I am any better and going from there.

Luckily Mommies have Mommies.  My mom came and got Chloe from me this afternoon to keep this weekend so hopefully she will not get this mess from me.  The last thing a sick mommy needs is a sick baby too.

I love Science

Everyone watches their child go through the milestones, rolling over, sitting up, first steps, first words, etc, but I think many parents overlook other milestones their children reach.  This weekend Mitchell and I watched Chloe perform a science experiment.

She was eating dinner and drinking from a water bottle (daddy was, so she had to also).  This water bottle has a handle on it.  First she saw her spoon fit through the handle.  This was neat because it made a noise when it hit the table.  So then she tried her passy.  It fit, neat-o! She gets excited and claps. Time to try the bowl, nope too big.  That’s ok, the food in the bowl will fit, but it’s stick and doesn’t make it through to the other side.

But Chloe sat for a good 15 minutes trying to put objects through the water bottle handle.  She would turn the water bottle, look at it, almost like she was calculating in her mind the dimensions.

Of course with Mitchell and I both being science nerds at heart, we loved watching her focus for this long on experimenting (that didn’t involve picking food out of the floor!)

Sneaking in Santa's House

We took Gage and Chloe to see the Christmas lights around town.  There is a road they call Candy Cane Lane where all houses are decorated. There is a gentleman at the end of the road who dresses up like Santa a few nights during the Christmas season and let’s you take photos and hands out small toys.  He was not out this said night which started the following conversation with Gage (my 4 year old step-son).

Gage: “Daddy, can we go see Santa.”

Mitchell: “Santa isn’t home.”

Gage: “Where is he?”

Me: “I guess he’s up at the North Pole making toys.”

Gage: “Oh, when will he be back?”

Me: “I don’t know. We’ll check next weekend.”

Gage: “Do you think we could just sneak in and see if Santa is home or not.”

Me: “No baby, we can’t break in Santa’s house.”

By this time Mitchell and I can barely breathe we are laughing so hard.  Gage was being so sweet and innocent about it.

Alivia Diane Tilley

My sister and our family suffered a great loss yesterday.  Alivia Diane Tilley was still born 23 weeks early.

She weighed 5.5oz and was 8 inches long.  Her little footprints were the size of your thumb.

Please keep my sister, 4 year old niece Logan, and brother-in-law in your thoughts and prayers as they make it through the next few weeks.