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My cubie buddy, Ben, is demon possessed.

I have to send him the following each day for his “Daily Cleansing”.

Today he proved just how evil he really is and sent this back to me…


Rick Roll'in Baby Shower

I just got surprised at work with an awesome baby shower.
Work Baby Shower
During my baby shower, I got Rick Rolled! If you want to see my Rick Roll, click here.

Work Baby Shower

Photos Here

Never thought of it

So after working in pharmacy for 12+ years, I found myself in a discussion I can honestly say I’ve never heard of, much less talked about.

One of my co-workers said he will not let his wife swallow (yes, you know what I mean) because she is still breast feeding.  He couldn’t bare the thought of his offspring ingesting his little men.  He is aware that this probably wouldn’t be the case, but he didn’t want to take any chances.

This story is much more funny to hear my co-worker tell it, he has so much enthusiasm behind his stories.