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My Pregnancy Advice

As I approach my last days of pregnancy I want to offer my non-educated, completely un-researched advice to those who are, or will be pregnant…

  1. Take it easy.  You can only play the pregnancy card for 9 months.  Take advantage of it and let other’s do the little things for you.
  2. You are not crazy.  It’s the hormones.
  3. Ask your doctor for a prescription of phenergan and zofran at your very first appointment.  Keep those with you at all times along with Zantac.  You are nauseated and have heart burn 24/7 for 9 months.
  4. There are 2 books you need.  The rest just repeat the same information in these two:  Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy and What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel.
  5. It’s ok to hate being pregnant.  This doesn’t make you a bad person and it won’t make you a bad mommy.  It’s also ok to give a big f-you to those who tell you they never felt better when they were pregnant.

Things not to say to a pregnant woman

Quotes from Mitchell

“I didn’t know they got *that* bad.”
in reference to my ankles swelling.

“You are cute when you get mad.  It makes your nose spread wider across your face”
I’m getting the wide pregnancy nose.

“I have no idea.”
When I asked him why I was the love of his life.

This was all said during a grocery shopping trip.  We get home, I’m told to just go inside and lay down for a while.  He’ll carry the groceries in and put them away. 🙂

Rick Roll'in Baby Shower

I just got surprised at work with an awesome baby shower.
Work Baby Shower
During my baby shower, I got Rick Rolled! If you want to see my Rick Roll, click here.

Work Baby Shower

Photos Here

The Emo Pregnant Chick

I’m changing all my screen names. I’ll no longer be geeksmakemehot, I’ll be emopregnantchick. It is a little more fitting these days. Seriously, wtf is up with hormones. I have enough to worry about right now without worrying if I’m going to start bawling if someone looks at me wrong, or go off on someone that asks me a simple question. Losing my sanity has, so far, been the worst part of pregnancy.


Yes, I’ve been cranky now and then through my pregnancy. Hell, I’m cranky now and then not being pregnant. But since I got sick with the pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital, my mood/attitude/sanity has went down the drain. Continue reading

The things one will do for comfort

I’m now around the 28 week mark and I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life.  I look absolutely silly sitting here at work.  I have a pillow between me and the desk and a heating pad on my back.  I try to get up and make a lap around the office every 30 mins to an hour, but it still is not helping my back.  I just cannot get comfortable, no matter how I sit, lay or walk.

Any advice from moms out there?  I’m thinking about getting a maternity belt.  Did anyone get relief from these?

Treasure Shopping

I have always been a huge fan of yard sales, flea markets and consignment shops.  Sure a lot of the stuff you find at these places are just junk, but it’s kind of like treasure hunting.  I normally find one great deal of the day.

Twice a year there is a huge children’s consignment sale here in town at the fair grounds.  They are very picky about the items they will take.  For clothes, they must be in style, clean, no holes, must have all the buttons, ect.  As for toys and furniture, it must have been bought within the past 5 years, clean and 100% in-tact.   I decided to check the sale out this past weekend to see what I could find for Chloe.  I found a lot more than one treasure this time!  I wrote a check for $47.  For this $47 I got:

  1. Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow for $10 (the most expensive item I bought. They run between $35-60 new)
  2. 24 Onesies.
  3. 4 pairs of cotton pants
  4. 2 gowns
  5. 1 bib
  6. 2 pairs of mittens
  7. 1 cute little outfit with the tags still on it
  8. 2 dresses
  9. 1 skirt (my favorite!)
  10. 1 denim jumper
  11. 1 pair of khaki capris
  12. 1 robe

Most of these items were gap, carters, old navy, ect.  I think I did pretty good treasure shopping!

Sex and Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy has started to become… difficult to say the least. Your, ok maybe our, “normal” positions have become either painful or impossible. I feel too much like a beached whale to start experimenting with positions that might work. Neither of our sex drives have been effected by the pregnancy, so that leaves us with a problem. What do we do, being the geeks we are, we turn to the interwebs.

We start looking to see what other couples in our situation have done. While we haven’t found any great answers, we did find a ton of laughs.

Disclaimer: this is not a medical document, it is for pure entertainment. Anything you read here is not scientifically researched. We are not doctors, we are geeks. Sadly, I feel the need to put this here. Continue reading