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Please world, as you look at the hate spread recently by a fellow Arkansan, do not group us together.

Please do not think the citizens of the school, community, or state are all bigots.  Please do not think we are bullies. Please do not think we don’t care. And, most of all, please do not think we are not doing anything about this.


There are those of us who look beyond the color of ones skin or their sexual preference. We don’t care where you came from, how much money you have, or who your family is. There are those of us who do not judge a person without knowing them. And there are those of us who will stand together tomorrow and wear purple to support our loved ones, friends, family and fellow citizens who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Those of us who will stand up against hate. Stand up against intolerance.


Consignment Sale

Twice a year I drive my family crazy. I make them try on clothes to see if they still fit, box up clothes that are too small and start the consignment sale routine… Enter items, print tags, hang up items, tag items.  All together I spend about 12 – 16 hours (this doesn’t include the drive to drop items off, pick items up, etc) getting ready for the Popsicle Kids Sale.  You might think this is a lot of work, but I’m basically trading the kids clothes for the correct size each year. And I get to shop early!

This year was a little different that most.  First,  I put back Chloe’s clothes to have for hand-me-downs for Carlee. The other is I went strictly looking for items for Carlee. Gage had a ton of stuff that still fit him from last year and Chloe got a LOT of hand-me-downs from my niece, Logan.

I must brag on the deals I got this year.  Mom and I shopped early on Wednesday and got a high chair, bumbo chair and mattress for $50 (retail value would have been $150).  Tonight I went and early shopped the half price items and got the following:

  • 20 Sleepers/gowns for Carlee
  • 1 pair of Jeans for Carlee
  • 10 dresses/outfits for Carlee
  • 2 pairs of shoes for Carlee
  • 3 sweaters for Carlee
  • 3 pairs of cotton pants for Carlee
  • sweater for Chloe
  • PJs for Chloe with Snow White on them (she’s been asking for some for weeks)
  • A shirt and jacket for Chloe
  • Elmo shirt and pants for Chloe
  • 2 pair of pants for Gage
  • Sweater for Gage
  • Shirt for Gage

All of this for $68.

Small Town Annoyances

Around three years ago I was talked into leaving Jonesboro and moving to Pocahontas so we could be closer to Mitchell’s son. I was ok with this at first but soon became horribly homesick and started hating the place. I’ve tried over and over to accept living here, but I don’t know anyone, I only have 2 friends here and there is nothing at all to do.
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One day while driving my 3 hours a day drive to work and back I started thinking about my life.  I had several questions I was asking myself over and over and the number one question was “Are you happy?”.

No, I was not at all happy with my life situation. Continue reading

Let's Play a Game

It’s called… what did Jennifer find in her car when she cleaned it out during lunch…

  1. 10 Chloe socks.  Notice I didn’t say 10 pair, just 10 socks.  She takes one shoe and one sock off every night on the drive home.  Leaves the other one alone.
  2. 3 pair of Chloe’s shoes.
  3. 2 books
  4. 1 truck
  5. 1 sippy cup (Yes, just 1)
  6. 1 elmo
  7. 1 pair of elmo slippers
  8. 4 hair bows
  9. 2 old cellphones
  10. Goggles.  The mad scientist kind, not the swimming ones.
  11. 1 passy