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Goodmorning Laugh


Atomic Wedding Bells

If an Atomic Bombshell and a Ninja get married and have babies, are they atomic ninjas or ninja bombshells? I guess it depends on the gender! Congrats Carrie and Jordan!

Rick Roll'in Baby Shower

I just got surprised at work with an awesome baby shower.
Work Baby Shower
During my baby shower, I got Rick Rolled! If you want to see my Rick Roll, click here.

Work Baby Shower

Photos Here

Let's talk about sex baby

From Joelle’s blog, Tenth Muse:

Carly’s book, Sexography, is both a tragic and comedic memoirs about her journey of sexual self-discovery. And now, it’s your turn to blog your own version of Sexography. Even if you’re not a “sex writer” per se, we want to encourage you to explore the comedy, fear, silliness, scariness, million-and-one emotions and million-and-one experiences that are mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, all of which make up the rich tapestry of sexuality. So if you want to write about how your dog watches you masturbate or how you can’t stand porn or about your first time or what you think of sex in the media and how it affects you personally, you should. What you write about is up to you, just as long as it falls under the “sexuality” header. Personal stories about survival are strongly encouraged.

For each Sexography blog entry you post, you’ll be soliciting donations for RAINN from the readers you entertain and engage with your commentary. But the best part? Not only will you be helping an incredible cause, but the bloggers who come in first, second and third place for most funds raised will nab fabulous prizes.

The contest runs from April 1 – April 30th. Learn more about how YOU can get involved here and about the faaaaaaaaaaaabulous prizes here. If you’d like to donate, but not participate, hit up this link and make sure to enter “GBBMC2008” (sans quotes) in the comment box. Hurry! Your sign-up to participate must be submitted by e-mail by 11:59pm PST March 30th, 2008.

I’m most certainly going to *try* to enter. We are having Gage’s birthday party today.

Earliest Childhood Memory

There is a pownce thread about this, I thought I’d try it here on my site to get some comments rolling.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

My earliest childhood memory:

My dad has always had a beard and mustache. When I was about 3 or 4 he shaved his face completely. I was scared to death. I hid under the covers of my bed and cried.

Mitchell normally keeps a beard and mustache. I cannot stand for him to shave his face completely. I think I’m still traumatized.

Note: Dad has never since that day shaved his face completely 🙂

Sparkle Babies

I found this little product on Joelle’s site. I must say I have to have this!


Sexiest Geeks of 2007

Everyone should go vote for the sexy Kitta for 2007’s sexiest geek.