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Music and Creativity

I’m curious…

What music do you listen to to get your creative juices flowing?  Are you like myself, it depends on my mood?


Wrockin it Sandbox Style

As you’ve seen in previous posts, my friend Steven and I entered the Sandbox Competition. Well, we didn’t win. Hell, we didn’t even get a point! heh. But we had fun working together out side of work. This is the first time I’ve worked with a WordPress theme in over a year. I felt so rusty.

There were things Steven and I wanted to bring to the theme, I just simply did not know how to make it work. I’ll definitely be downloading a few of the themes to learn from. I plan on combining a few to use on this site.

Here are a few of the designs I loved:

Moo-Point – I love the way Will presented his post meta. It reminds me of what I love about my current theme Hemingway.

Ponjong – This is just a very clean theme. I like clean and organized. I’m very surprised this theme wasn’t in the top 3-5.

Prima – Very classy looking.

Sakeena – I love the sidebar photo.

SandPress– No question why this design won the competition. Every single element of this theme is designed. Great work, awesome detail, clean, simply yet trendy.

Shades of Gray – I love how Leslie used two “sidebars” placing the second at the bottom of the page. This will definitely be worked into this site.

There there is our design, Wrock it.

wrock it

Now, our design should have at least got a point for cuteness! By no way did we have the best CSS or the best design, but you must admit, it’s cute as hell 🙂