One day while driving my 3 hours a day drive to work and back I started thinking about my life.  I had several questions I was asking myself over and over and the number one question was “Are you happy?”.

No, I was not at all happy with my life situation.

First, I was not being the mother I wanted to be. In my opinion, spending 2 hours a day or less with your child is not enough. Especially when those 2 hours are spent fighting with them to eat dinner, take a bath, get dressed for bed and go to sleep. I was not able to take off work to stay home with her if she was sick. I was not able to be late to work if she simply needed a little extra mommy time in the morning. Then we found out I was going to be a mother to more than just Chloe. We were expecting again. I didn’t have time for one child with my current situation, I would not have time for two! Something had to change.

The next thing was I had lost the passion I once had in my job. I love what I did, still do, but I worked myself into a routine that stole my creativity and sucked my productivity. This was not a good situation for me, nor my employer.

So during my week vacation I realized there was a simple solution to all of this… resign from my job. The stress from my job and the hours driving back and forth were affecting not only my health, but my family.

What am I doing now? I am doing freelance design and social media work out of Mitchell’s store using the name Spring Designs.  I’m not out to do 100 projects or take over the design world, just enough to get by financially and spend more time with Mitchell and the girls.

I have been doing this for a month now and so far it is working GREAT for us. Luckily Mitchell and I actually get along better the more time we spend together, so working together and living together hasn’t been an issue. I’m able to actually be at the store while he is doing an on-site job so he doesn’t have to close down. I’m able to work around mine and Chloe’s needs, no strict 8-5. And, we found a babysitter that costs less than the gas money I was spending that is 2 blocks from the store!

I’ve also been able to keep a great relationship with my former employer and am still working closely with them along with networking with former co-workers and other local freelancers.

Possibly the best part of all of this is I’ve started to become “me” again. I did so much soul searching a time ago to find the true me.  The past few years I’ve lost myself again and turned into a complete robot. Little by little I’m making time for me.

I’ve missed networking with fellow geeks. Mitchell and I attended Barcamp Jonesboro last weekend. Besides spraining my foot, spending a few hours in the ER and the rest of Barcamp stoned from the pain shot I received, I had a wonderful time just being around adult socially.

I’ve missed blogging. 3 years ago I was the #2 Jennifer on Google. Now, I’m on the second page. I’m turning GeeksMakeMeHot into a fun new blog (hopefully starting next month!) and this will be my personal blog.

Wish me luck on what I’m calling the 4th stage of my life, building my foundation, (growing up, finding myself, settling down were the first three).


About Jennifer Clay

I am a mother, princess, goddess, dork and lover of all things geeky. I love the color pink, unicorns, pugs, blogging, and making websites pretty. View all posts by Jennifer Clay

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