Monthly Archives: February 2010

Let's Play a Game

It’s called… what did Jennifer find in her car when she cleaned it out during lunch…

  1. 10 Chloe socks.  Notice I didn’t say 10 pair, just 10 socks.  She takes one shoe and one sock off every night on the drive home.  Leaves the other one alone.
  2. 3 pair of Chloe’s shoes.
  3. 2 books
  4. 1 truck
  5. 1 sippy cup (Yes, just 1)
  6. 1 elmo
  7. 1 pair of elmo slippers
  8. 4 hair bows
  9. 2 old cellphones
  10. Goggles.  The mad scientist kind, not the swimming ones.
  11. 1 passy

It's a Dog eat Dog World

A few Saturdays ago, Chloe and I were playing in the living room and there was a knock at the door.  A cute little neighborhood girl had a “Lost Dog” poster she was passing around.  She asked me if I had seen this dog. Me, being sympathetic, wrote down the phone number and told her I hadn’t seen the dog but would be on the look out for it.  As she was leaving I told her I hoped she found her dog.  Her response was one I was not exptecting…

Girl: “Oh, that’s not my dog.  That dog ate my dog and I’m helping someone try to find it.”

Me: “Well, that’s disturbing.” Seriously, what do you say to something like this?