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Atomic Wedding Bells

If an Atomic Bombshell and a Ninja get married and have babies, are they atomic ninjas or ninja bombshells? I guess it depends on the gender! Congrats Carrie and Jordan!


Chloe Baby

Chloe Spring was born May 21, 2008 at 10:29am.  She weighed 8lbs even and was 19.5 inches long and absolutely perfect!


Photos taken by Steven.

Having Baby … BRB

So tonight at 6pm I am going to start being induced for labor.  Thursday of last week we had an ultrasound.  Chloe weighed 8lbs and 7oz.  The doctor said this weight can be off by 2lbs either way.  Because I do not want to birth a 10lb baby and our home remedies of walking, sex, and gravel roads are not working, we have decided to go with induction.

At 6pm I will check into the hospital and be given a prostaglandin to thin my cervix and start dilation. Once I am dilated to around 3cm, they will start the pitocin.  We are expecting to have a baby girl sometime tomorrow morning.

Of course, I will be posting a few bajillion photos of our little princess once we are back home.  I would take my laptop (the hospital has wireless internet), but I already packed half the house to take with us.  I don’t think I have room in the car 🙂

My Pregnancy Advice

As I approach my last days of pregnancy I want to offer my non-educated, completely un-researched advice to those who are, or will be pregnant…

  1. Take it easy.  You can only play the pregnancy card for 9 months.  Take advantage of it and let other’s do the little things for you.
  2. You are not crazy.  It’s the hormones.
  3. Ask your doctor for a prescription of phenergan and zofran at your very first appointment.  Keep those with you at all times along with Zantac.  You are nauseated and have heart burn 24/7 for 9 months.
  4. There are 2 books you need.  The rest just repeat the same information in these two:  Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy and What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel.
  5. It’s ok to hate being pregnant.  This doesn’t make you a bad person and it won’t make you a bad mommy.  It’s also ok to give a big f-you to those who tell you they never felt better when they were pregnant.