Monthly Archives: April 2008

Things not to say to a pregnant woman

Quotes from Mitchell

“I didn’t know they got *that* bad.”
in reference to my ankles swelling.

“You are cute when you get mad.  It makes your nose spread wider across your face”
I’m getting the wide pregnancy nose.

“I have no idea.”
When I asked him why I was the love of his life.

This was all said during a grocery shopping trip.  We get home, I’m told to just go inside and lay down for a while.  He’ll carry the groceries in and put them away. 🙂


Rick Roll'in Baby Shower

I just got surprised at work with an awesome baby shower.
Work Baby Shower
During my baby shower, I got Rick Rolled! If you want to see my Rick Roll, click here.

Work Baby Shower

Photos Here