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The things one will do for comfort

I’m now around the 28 week mark and I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life.  I look absolutely silly sitting here at work.  I have a pillow between me and the desk and a heating pad on my back.  I try to get up and make a lap around the office every 30 mins to an hour, but it still is not helping my back.  I just cannot get comfortable, no matter how I sit, lay or walk.

Any advice from moms out there?  I’m thinking about getting a maternity belt.  Did anyone get relief from these?


Happy Birthday to Me and Steve Jobs

February 24th is a very special day.  See, it is not only my birthday but also Steve Jobs’ birthday.  I’m thinking maybe we should get together and have a birthday party together.  We can have cake and ice cream.  Oh! we should rent us a clown too, Steve!  What you think?

Treasure Shopping

I have always been a huge fan of yard sales, flea markets and consignment shops.  Sure a lot of the stuff you find at these places are just junk, but it’s kind of like treasure hunting.  I normally find one great deal of the day.

Twice a year there is a huge children’s consignment sale here in town at the fair grounds.  They are very picky about the items they will take.  For clothes, they must be in style, clean, no holes, must have all the buttons, ect.  As for toys and furniture, it must have been bought within the past 5 years, clean and 100% in-tact.   I decided to check the sale out this past weekend to see what I could find for Chloe.  I found a lot more than one treasure this time!  I wrote a check for $47.  For this $47 I got:

  1. Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow for $10 (the most expensive item I bought. They run between $35-60 new)
  2. 24 Onesies.
  3. 4 pairs of cotton pants
  4. 2 gowns
  5. 1 bib
  6. 2 pairs of mittens
  7. 1 cute little outfit with the tags still on it
  8. 2 dresses
  9. 1 skirt (my favorite!)
  10. 1 denim jumper
  11. 1 pair of khaki capris
  12. 1 robe

Most of these items were gap, carters, old navy, ect.  I think I did pretty good treasure shopping!

Sparkle Babies

I found this little product on Joelle’s site. I must say I have to have this!


Twitter Updates for 2008-02-15

  • does anyone have a jaiku invite? I have a friend wanting to try it out. #
  • @Stammy that is really gross! #
  • @toddw Did you get me a new phone too? #
  • #
  • I’m off to see Reba and Kelly Clarkson #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-02-14

  • My sis is taking me to see Kelly and Reba! Brother-in-law couldn’t go. #

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Why I love my Valentine

If you have ever wondered why I love Mitchell so much, this should answer your question.

I come home from work to this on the door:

Valentine's Note

Valentine's Note