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How we met

I was reading a post over on Rootie’s site, Internet Relationships: Do they work, and started to leave a comment.   The comment was getting way too long so I’ll leave a trackback instead 🙂

My opinion of Internet Dating
I think it’s rather neat.  Where else can you get a catalog of men that you can flip through?  At first when I tried it, I was … embarrassed.  I’m a cute, fun girl.  Why did I need to turn to the internet to meet men?  The answer came to me one night I was clubbing with my friends.  I met a guy who was very good looking and sweet.  He was not only buying me drinks, but drinks for all my girls.  We danced, we had a great time, and then I found out he just got out of prison for man slaughter.   Seems on top of being cute and sweet, he had a temper and killed a man with his bare hands.  Seeing as I didn’t want to die, I thought it might be a good idea to leave before guy got anymore personal information out of me.   At this time, I figured internet dating couldn’t be any worse.

And how did I meet Mitchell?  Funny story actually.  I met Mitchell, the love of my life, on Myspace.  Yes, I know you just cringed, but there is a story behind it.

Late one sleepless night I’m laying bored in my bed going through Myspace people in my area to see if I knew anyone that I could add to my friend list.  My list was looking pretty pitiful.  I don’t think I had 8 people to form my top 8 and make me look super cool.  I saw Mitchell’s picture and thought he was really cute.  Being the nosey girl I am, I looked at his profile.

Divorced – at least he wasn’t married
Proud Parent – I like some kids
Pisces –  OH me too!
Computer Tech – I get all giddy inside… A nerd a nerd!

Then the part that won me, a Physics major!  How sexy is that?

So I added him as a friend, honestly just because I need Advanced Calculus to finish my math degree and I knew with his degree he had to have had it.  I go on searching for people I knew and mostly forgot all about the physics nerd, until he sends me a message a few days later.

He saw I had graduated from Gosnell and asked if I knew Wesley.  As a matter of fact, I adore Wesley.  I graduated with him and considered him a great friend.  Turns out, they are step-brothers.   A few months go by and I’m planning my class reunion and I need Wesley’s phone number.  I message Mitchell to find out Wesley is coming to town this weekend.  We make plans for the three of us to go out that night.

There was never any plans for Mitchell and I to “hook up”.  I tease him because that very night we all went out, he had 3 other “dates”.  They ended up not working out for him, so he decided to go ahead and hang out with me and Wes.  We haven’t been apart since.

The first few week, Mitchell and I just pulled all-nighters playing old school Nintendo.  We still had no intention of dating.  It’s still an argument over who put the moves on who first.  He put the moves on me, but he says it’s because I was giving out a vibe.

We have been together over a year now and I’m happier than ever.  He’s my best friend and the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. No, marriage is not in the works yet.  Keep your panties on. Now instead of Nintendo, we play Champions of Norrath all night.

So Root, I know you were probably talking more of meeting online, living across the country or world from each other, but my “internet relationship” works for me.   I’m honestly happier now than I’ve ever been in my life.


Bald Guy Greetings

Bald Guy Greetings

Hallmark watch out. For around $3.00, you can send what you really feel.

Bald Guy Greetings

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I want I want I want

Yes, it’s like I’m a 4 year old throwing a fit in the floor of the toy aisle in Wal-mart. I want Natalie Dee Stickers. I couldn’t find her email address, don’t blame her for that, so I sent a little Myspace message her way. I hope she isn’t like me and actually reads her Myspace messages 🙂

August 11 Links

Lunar Eclipse – August 28th, there’s going to be a colorful lunar eclipse visible from five continents including most of North America.

Baby Got Back – Just as good as Alanis’ take on My Humps.

10 Designer’s Checkpoints

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AdAware a Virus?

I just downloaded AdAware from When I try to open the file, AVG picks it up as a trojan. I double checked that it was cNet’s that I really did download the file from, and it was.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Links of the day


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picnik – This has to be the neatest contraption I’ve seen in a long time. pincik makes me hot!

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