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Times Change

A co-worker sent me the following ad.
It’s amazing how far we have come.


Playing in the Sandbox


My friend Steven and I entered the Sandbox Design Competition. I’ll post screenies soon!


My good friend has entered the Threadless T-shirt Contest.  Go view his design and vote him a 5.  NOW!

I am the Earth - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Sneak Peek



Happy Anniversary

Mitchell and I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend.  Thankfully our anniversaries are not like our holidays, it was perfect.

We normally celebrate our anniversaries based on the moon phase.  The night we met, there was the must beautiful full moon.  We both have busy lives, but the night of a full moon, we put everything off and spend take the night for us.  It’s date night.  Our date night might just be dinner and movie at home, but it is always just the two of us.

This weekend we celebrated our calendar anniversary.   Friday night we had planned to go to Brickhouse, a restaurant/club here in Jonesboro.  Neither of us have been before, but we have heard wonderful things about it.  Crystal told us we were old because we got there and decided it was too loud, so we left.  We went at 9pm thinking we could have dinner before the club crowd came.  About the time we were finished with dinner, we could have a few drinks and socialize a bit.  We were wrong.  At 9pm the place was already packed.  The band was already playing.  There wasn’t a table free.  So we left and went to Ruby Tuesday’s to eat.

Saturday we get up and go have breakfast.  I laid down for a nap once we got back.  I woke up to flowers, a card, and the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.  He’s getting a PS2 hopefully today after we go see Harry Potter.

When Mitchell and I met a year ago, the last thing we expected/wanted was to date, much less fall in love with each other.  We both just wanted someone to hang out with.   I look back now and wouldn’t change a thing.  One year ago I met my best friend and the man I’m in love with.

What is it with holidays

Mitchell and I have the type of relationship that people envy. We are that gross couple you see in the store, all holding hand and sneaking kisses… until any holiday rolls around.

For some reason, we suck at holidays. New Years, he was in the shower when the clock struck midnight. He wanted a shower, I had been telling him for over an hour to hurry and get in and out so I’d get my New Year’s kiss. Nope, it was 2:30am before I got my kiss.

Valentine’s Day. I had this huge romantic surprise worked out in my head for him. I’d get off work, come home, clean the house, cook dinner, slip into something a little sexy for him. Yeah, I come home and he’s already home. Sick.

The Fourth, we had friends over for a BBQ then went to watch fireworks. All was great. We come back and get ready for bed. He decides he can’t sleep and he’s going to get up and watch tv for a while. No biggie. That was until I woke up at 11:45 and he wasn’t here. No note. I called his cell phone three times, no answer. I send him a text. Where the hell are you? He calls a few minutes later to tell me he’s out riding around. Seriously, how hard is it to leave a note, “Couldn’t sleep, out riding around”? The last thing that I would think is that he is out cheating. That isn’t the issue at all. I just don’t like to wake up and not know where the hell he is. We have had this exact problem before.

I just don’t understand how we are so perfect all year round, except for holidays.

Useless Account

During my year of absence from the interweb, lots of neat little trinkets have come about.  It seems to use these trinkets, you must be a social person.  There is of course myspace, facebook and virb.  Why do they not capitalize their names? Why do I need all three?  Different people I know use different ones.  A lot of my high school friends use myspace, virb connects me with my interweb friends and facebook has just turned out to be super fucking neat!

Then you have twitter and Pownce.  Choices!  I can’t decide which I like better.

Yesterday Mitchell went to the movies with our good friends Steven, Crystal and their son Daniel.  I decided to skip out for some me time.  I haven’t been used to me time in a while, so I found myself a little bored.  Then  I decided to jump on irc and catch up with some internet buddies!  About the time I started doing a tad bit of catching up with Owen, me time ended.  Mitchell was tossing and turning this morning so I woke up several hours earlier than I had intended on my day off.  I hopped on the computer and started back reading some friends blogs.  I started with Rich’s.  Between his Apache posts, there is some funny and insightful stuff 🙂  Here is where I found the greatest site ever.  I had to sign up!

Useless Account

So my life question has been answered.