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Day Two

Yesterday was my second day of taking Chantix.  I really didn’t think it had mad a difference, until I woke up this morning.  I have 8 cigarettes left in my pack I bought yesterday morning!  For you non-smokers out there, a pack of cigarettes contains 20.  I normally smoke at least a pack a day.  I had 2 before I bought this new pack on the way to work.  So I smoked 14 instead of 20+ yesterday.  I also noticed that I might still want a cigarette, but I would get half way finished with one and not want it anymore.  So yes, I think the Chantix could be working.

Normally during our work breaks, I’ll smoke 2.  I made an effort to only smoke 1 during our breaks yesterday.  I simply just came back inside after my one.  I also smoke a lot while driving.  So when Mitchell and I took our trip to Walmart, I just left my pack at home.  I am trying to make lifestyle changes along with taking the medicine.  Once we got home and settled for the night, I only had 1!

Today is day three.  I’m doing a lot of driving today so my goal is to just not smoke anymore than I did yesterday.  Tomorrow my dosage of Chantix increases (the medicine tapers up), so I’ll set a goal of 10.

My grandmother also told me if  I quit smoking, she will pay for me to go to Fitness Bootcamp.  Bootcamp is a place here in town where you go work out for an hour, four days a week, for seven weeks.  It is an intense workout routine.  My boss lost 40lbs during his 7 weeks.  He said it got him ready to start working out in the gym.  Since then he’s lost 60lbs.  I’m at the point where I need a jump kick like bootcamp to get going.  I’m so out of shape.

So hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be tons healtier.  I’ll be smoke free and will have lost some weight and started on a getting fit journey!


Bye Bye Smokey

Today I’m starting my journey to quit smoking.  I went to the doctor yesterday to get a prescription for Chantix.  Chantix actually works by making you not want to smoke.  It also includes a support plan that helps track your smoking habits.  So the drug helps the brain and the support program helps the habit.

You start with a low dose and taper up, while you taper down on cigarettes.

So wish me luck.  I’m hoping to be healthier and smoke free by the end of July.

Web Comics

Over the past year, my “internet time” per day has fourthed. One thing I have kept up with is my favorite web comics. It’s my morning ritual. Wake up, let the dog out, sit at the computer for about 15 – 20 minutes reading a bit of Natalie Dee to wake up. I then found another comic xkcd that had me in tears laughing.

natalie dee

I’ve got a few people at work reading these comics. I’m constantly trying to find archived comics I want to share with them. So here’s a list 🙂

Natalie Dee – Huffing it up every weekday. Natalie and her husband, Drew, have two pugs, Chester and Charles. The pug comics hold a special little place in my heart. Pugbutt likes to read them too 🙂 After you have read all her comics, make sure you check out her videos on YouTube. Weiner Wangs sounds wonderful!

natalie dee

natalie dee

natalie dee


natalie dee


Only 4 more years to go…

xkcd is a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.

Checking the weather

An actual conversation between Mitchell and I today…

Me: Did you hear it thunder this morning?
Mitchell: Yeah, I heard it then got up to check the weather on the internet to see if it was raining.
Me: Why didn’t you just look outside.
Mitchell: Heh, didn’t think about it.


Never thought of it

So after working in pharmacy for 12+ years, I found myself in a discussion I can honestly say I’ve never heard of, much less talked about.

One of my co-workers said he will not let his wife swallow (yes, you know what I mean) because she is still breast feeding.  He couldn’t bare the thought of his offspring ingesting his little men.  He is aware that this probably wouldn’t be the case, but he didn’t want to take any chances.

This story is much more funny to hear my co-worker tell it, he has so much enthusiasm behind his stories.

Icon Buffet

I need the following icons from Icon Buffet. Can anyone help a sista out?

Acapulco System, Alexandria Anonymous, Alexandria Architecture, Alexandria Atmosphere, Alexandria Audio, Alexandria Cosmonauts, Alexandria Sensory, Amsterdam Free Love, Amsterdam High Seas, Ashbury Maternity, Authentic Jobs, CrO3, Cupertino Collect Call, Dresden Atmosphere, Dresden Auto, Gingerbread Suite, Groom Lake Invasion, Highrise, Kyoto Auto, Kyoto Cutesy Fruit, Kyoto Geometry, Kyoto Jigsaw, Mallow Buzz 1, Mallow Symbol, Manhattan Me, Manhattan Pub Crawl, Manhattan Smilies 1, Manhattan Smilies 2, Manhattan Symbol, Manhattan Tech Toys, Marseilles Breakfast, Marseilles Storybook, Modena Alfanumeric…, Modena Alfanumeric…, Modena Alfanumeric…, New York Neanderthal, New York Noir, Nuuk Buzz, Oslo Easter, Oslo Symbol, Pumpkin Eve 1, Pumpkin Eve 2, Shanghai Fortune, Shanghai New Year, Shanghai Toolbox, Shasta Robo, SlideShowPro, Super Modena Bros., Swine Time, Taipei Plastic Primates, Taipei Tiny, Tower Grove Cheer, Tower Grove Elemen…, Tower Grove Studio, Tower Grove Wedding, Yuletide Snow